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- We provide baits and repaints, We can supply custom repainted baits from most manufacturers including   but not limited to: Strike King, Rapala, Norman, Bill Lewis, Bandit, Bagley, Poes,Lucky Craft, Mega-bass, Lucky Craft, Heddon   and more….. Your wish is our command.

- We also have and supply OEM products of remanufactured Ultra High Quality reproductions of some   discontinued baits. All repro’s are extensively tested and are built using same material specifications as   originals.

- Return are accepted for repair or replacement at our discretion.

- When sending baits to be custom painted please remove all hooks and hardware and retain because   unless specified or requested new hardware will not be provided.

- Please only send lure that are in “above average or new condition”, we can do minor repairs to baits to a   certain extent but we do not repair bill unless they are of the replaceable type. You are investing in a   premium process and we are sure you want premium results.

- When sending baits or reels please put them in ziplock baggies with the color requested if known written   on a piece of paper enclosed with item. We will send you a confirmation email listing the baits we


-We accept credit cards and PayPal. All invoices will be emailed through PayPal for payment - you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service. PayPal is highly secure.

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We want to provide you with an awesome experience with the joy and excitement of a Christmas Morning. When you receive your baits/reels we want you to be blown away and thoroughly pleased. So please ask any questions prior to work commencing.


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Jan-April is busy season orders are scheduled first come basis              

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